Sweep. Peel. Stick.

Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Installation Steps

Do Not Expose Adhesive To Water

Only install your CurbAPeel on a completely dry surface. If your curb was recently wet due to rain or snow, please allow 24 hours before application. If the water is from sprinklers or regular storm drainage, please allow at least 30 minutes before installing. Improper installation will lead to poor adhesion to the concrete.
  1. Stop gutter water flow ** if needed ** We've found the best solution for flowing water in the gutter is to create a temporary curb to divert the water flow. We recommend using a homemade play dough. Any recipe will do, but here's one we've used and had good luck with: Play dough recipe.

    Once you've stopped the flow, wait at least 30 minutes for the area to dry. For best results, use a hair dryer over the area you will apply to for 5 minutes to dry out any residual water. Concrete is very porous and you don't want moisture trapped behind your CurbAPeel.

  2. Sweep Sweep the surface of any dust or debris with a tooth brush, hand broom, or wire brush.
  3. Mark Using a flat edge, mark 3-4" line parallel to the curb or installation surface where the top of the decal will go.
  4. Peel Peel the top left or right corner from the liner no more than 2". Avoid excessive contact with your fingers.
  5. Stick Place the peeled portion of the sticker along the 3-4" mark you made and attach to your surface. Slowly peel the liner out from underneath the sticker with one hand while smoothing the sticker out with the other hand.
  6. Remove any air bubbles Using the included applicator's felt side, press the sticker against the curb. You want to see the texture of the curb showing through to the sticker. Take care to cover every centimeter of the sticker with the applicator. Pressing hard with your thumb or even using a rubber mallet can help to get your CurbAPeel tightly against the curb. Use the plastic side of the included applicator to make sure the edges are flush against the curb. Again, take the time to do this so that the adhesive is in every part of the curb.
  7. Don't touch it! You might be tempted to check to make sure it is on tight. The worst thing you can do is peel a corner off. Let it be and it will last longer.