Installing printed curb numbers

The following steps are critical for installing long-lasting, good looking curb numbers. If you do not take the time to perform each step, your curb numbers will be more prone to deterioration, damage, and even removal.

Installation Video

Installation Steps

  1. Wash the curb with detergent We recommend using a small amount of car wash soap diluted to the same ratio suggested for washing your car. Using a sponge or cloth, scrub the surface of the curb where the CurbAPeel sticker will be placed.
  2. Rinse with clean water Rinse any residual soap from the curb's surface.
  3. Remove any grease or debris Use the provided solvent wipe to remove any grease or debris remaining on the curb.
  4. Stop gutter flow (if needed) We've found the best solution for flowing water in the gutter is to create a temporary curb to divert the water flow. We recommend using a homemade play dough. Any recipe will do, but here's one we've used and had good luck with: Play dough recipe.
  5. Allow to dry Wait 10-20 minutes for the curb to dry. This dry time will vary based on temperature and humidity. It's important not to apply the sticker to any curb that is still moist. If you really need to you can use a blow dryer to dry the area, just be careful working around any water.
  6. Brush any last debris Brush away any last debris on the curb. Remember a clean, debris-free surface will make the numbers last longer.
  7. Mark the top edge Using the template supplied, or another flat-edge object, use a pencil to mark the top edge where you want to place the sticker.
  8. Apply the sticker Starting with the top left or right corner (whichever feels easiest to you), gently peel away the corner from the liner. The less your fingers touch the adhesive, the better your installation will be. Attach the corner to the curb and while pulling the liner out from underneath the sticker, gently press the sticker to the curb.
  9. Remove any air bubbles Using the included applicator's felt side, press the sticker against the curb. You want to see the texture of the curb showing through to the sticker. Take care to cover every centimeter of the sticker with the applicator. If you need to use your thumb to press it into larger cavities. Use the plastic side of the applicator to make sure the edges are flush against the curb. Again, take the time to do this so that the adhesive is in every part of the curb.
  10. Don't touch it You might be tempted to check to make sure it is on tight. The worst thing you can do is peel a corner off. Let it be and it will last longer.